Green Dot for Students

Looking for Green Dots you can do?

Here are some easy ways to start doing Green Dots today!

  • Tell a friend of yours that ending violence is important to you.
  • Add the phrase “Green Dot Supporter” to you Facebook or Twitter profiles.
  • Using email, text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat – send a mass message out to all of your friends that violence prevention matters to you, and give them the link to campus or community resources.
  • Volunteer at the Sexual Assault Resource Center or Phoebe’s Home.
  • Join Aggie Elevate and teach other students how to end power-based personal violence.  Aggie Elevate is a peer education group whose mission is to create a campus environment that values leadership and elevates well-being.  For more information on how you can be involved, email Taylor Tyson, Interpersonal Violence Prevention Specialist, at
  • If you are concerned that a friend of yours might be a victim of violence, gently ask if you can help and respect their answer.
  • Attend a program or event designed to raise awareness about violence.
  • Create a fund-raiser for a campus or community organization that works to address violence.
  • Look out for friends at parties or where alcohol is involved to ensure everyone arrives and leaves together.
  • Work to bring an education program to your class or group.
  • Hang a Green Dot poster on your door.
  • Hang an “I’m Green Dot Trained” placard on your door.

Need Something to do at Your Next Organization Meeting or Retreat?

Our Green Dot Facilitators are available to speak at your upcoming meetings and retreats.  We are available to do basic presentations for your organization or tailor a Green Dot Bystander Training just for your group!   If you would like more information about either of these options, contact Jazmin Jones in the Health Promotion office at 979-862-9110 or email  If you are ready to request a presentation or training now, go ahead and use our online request form.

Reporting an Incident of Power-Based Personal Violence

Even with our efforts to end power-based personal violence, we recognize that incidents of sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, dating violence, and domestic violence involving our students or another member of the Texas A&M community happen.  If you would like to report an incident of power-based personal violence, you can file a Tell Somebody Report online which can be anonymous.  If you would like to speak with someone about concern for a student, faculty, or staff member, contact:

Title IX at Texas A&M University
The Department of Civil Rights and Equity Investigations
Medical Sciences Library, Suite 007 | 979-458-8407

Please click here for a list of reporting options, survivor rights, and resources for the Texas A&M campus.